Graduation Speech : My Personal Experience

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Despite the fact, that some parents don 't want their children to fail in their education, failure is something that students should be able to value and parents should consider this a time of opportunity to learn from their mistake because my parents gave me the opportunity to fail and later on in life I achieved success from my fail and my personal experience as well as sherry connects with how failure improved education. For example in her essay, “ In Praise of the F word”, she states how countless students do not have the skills they need to succeed and how diplomas for students don’t value anything. Furthermore, she in the essay it also give a personal experiences about her son and how she as a parent had to make a decision. Therefore, what happened with her son also happened my mother with me. However, I was a nine year old and my parents had to decide if I should funk the second grade or pass. As a result, this had to be a fail or a success which sherry argues that educators and parents should not treat the word Failure as taboo with students but should treat it as a learning experience (559-601) . Correspondingly, educators and parents need to understand that the word “failure” in relation to education is tolerable and it should approved in the 2015.

In addition, Sherry has taught adult literacy programs and has written essays on educational problems for various newspapers. According to what she explains in these essays are how she takes a stance- that the threat of
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