Graduation Speech : My Personal Life Dilemma

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This is my personal life dilemma. I was pursuing my graduation in my home country. In the last semester of my study, my parents made the decision that I should get married, but I wanted to go abroad to get further education. At that time I decided to go with my parents. After 1 year of marriage, I completed my study and I decided to go abroad for my further education. I completed the relevant exam with a good score. Finally I got visa for Canada. Before one month of coming to Canada my wife got pregnant. Now I am in great trouble that whether it is the right times to have a child or not. I had two options. First one is that we can do an abortion and a second one is keeping the baby. It was a very confusing moment of my life what to do in this situation because many people are involved in this situation. If I make the wrong decision that everybody has to suffer for this. At that foreign education is very important to me. If I made decision of keeping the baby that will add more burden on my life as well as on my wife’s life because she has to take care of the baby after birth alone at home while doing other work of day to day life and if I abort baby than it is a crime and there was a chance of caught. For this may be I get punishment according to the law. I was not able to make the decision what to do, I keep the baby then it will bring happiness to my wife and the whole family and on the other hand increase my
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