Graduation Speech : My School Spirit

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June 14th, 2014, was a memorable day filled with joyous smiles, caps and gowns, and the reaching of a major milestone. Occurring over a year ago, my high school graduation took place on that day, and because of my family, it is a very special day in my life. Senior year is often occupied with various class exclusive activities—prom, class field trips, football games—all events that screamed school spirit. My own school spirit was barely a whisper as I began my junior year at Lee Davis High School, and this was due to my family moving following my sophomore year at Varina High school. All of the people that I knew from middle school attended Varina, and I enjoyed being there despite the terribly cold winters spent outside, running …show more content…

When I reached senior year, things began to really improve from there, since I was no longer the girl that everyone automatically assumed to be a freshman. I was able to attend my classes to greet some of the faces that I already knew, and take on my last year knowing that it would all be over soon. By then my school spirit had began to sound audible, but it didn 't overshadow how I felt about the nearly approaching day of graduation. The month of June came in a rush. Before I knew it the season of senior activities had begun; prom arrived, our senior picnic at the park happened, and graduation practice was held. Yet none of these events could compete with graduation day. The night before June 14th, the excitement of the approaching event continuously nibbled at precious hours of sleep, and for once I couldn’t wait for my alarm to go off. When it finally did, I jumped up out of bed, all ready to start the day. After the time spent to get dressed in the appropriate attire had passed, those who I live with—my mother, brother, and younger sister—had all been ready. My excitement increased then, but I don’t think it surpassed my mother’s own excitement. Practically shoving me into the car to get me on the way to graduation, my mother and I wore a grin the whole way to the Siegel Center, despite my little sister asking a million questions in the backseat, and despite the traffic that had grown with the other graduates trailing behind. With even

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