Graduation Speech : My Sister And Her Daughter

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Orvieto; B&B Garibaldi In January, my sister and her daughter came from Connecticut to help celebrate my sixtieth birthday. It was more than wonderful to have them in our home. Ellen had not been to visit since our mother died, almost four years ago and I was elated to have her and Meghan in our surroundings. Vince made dinner reservations at the Van’s Restaurant; one of my favorite restaurants nearby. Larry and Marla, Stan and Carole and Vince’s mother joined in the celebration. After dinner, Vince invited everyone to our home for coffee and a piece of the extra special birthday cake he baked for me. It was a perfect evening and I certainly felt loved and extremely blessed. When Ellen and Meghan left the following day, I booked our flights to Italy. We were leaving right after Valentine’s Day. Although we planned another extended stay in Orvieto, curiosity persuaded us to rent a studio apartment more centrally located this time. Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Garibaldi, in the historic center of town, near the Piazza della Repubblica seemed ideal and offered a winter discount rate of 47€ per night. Prior to securing a reservation, I communicated with the owner-manager, via email to request a more detailed description of the accommodations. David was forthright in describing the modest but adequate amenities, nevertheless, since we were visiting when the weather was predictably cold and gray, the lack of an outdoor area with an attractive vista did not concern us.

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