Graduation Speech : My Vision

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My vision is to allow students to explore new ways to expand their learning. I want to make sure that they get the education that they need to be successful in my classroom. I also make sure their futures are going to be very bright. My mission is to make sure children are learning in a safe and fun environment so the classroom will be ready for learning. No child will be turned away do to race, religion and customs. All parents and families will be welcomed as well as their children who will be attending my classroom. No child will be left behind even children who have disabilities. Children will be allowed to learn on their own pace as they go along within the classroom as well as all material will be developmentally age appropriate.…show more content…
Another way that children can communicate is by figuring out what they can do to help with their community such as picking up trash in a park, helping people mow their lawns or helping elderly people out with their things that they have bought from the store. Technology will be used in a classroom setting in so many ways by using tablets, laptop computers, cameras, IPods, IPads and the big tablets that are just now coming out. I will also use a smart board to help with learning as well. This is a really great way to communicate technology in a classroom setting so that way students will have wide variety to learn new ideas of different basic subjects which will teach them how to use technologies as well. Communicating with technology in the classroom is very important these days because it is all most people know anymore since technology keeps on progressing so we would need to keep children updated on the latest technology. Without technology in the classroom it would hinder children because they wouldn’t be able to get the jobs they want that involves most technology. Thanks to technology children can learn a great deal of things through the internet as well as having fun with it as they learn. I would address Internet security and safety by letting my staff know that we need to teach parents as well as children how to be safe while they are online. Who knows who could be watching children do whatever they are doing online. Parents and children need
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