Graduation Speech : My Visit

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Placement Background Nothing fills a room with energy quite like a primary school music class. Tiny bodies dressed in colorful outfits and happily bouncing around to the beat of a song can enlighten the heart of anyone, even a person who does not like children or have an interest in teaching them. This is why I was delighted to observe Marzolf Primary School 's kindergarten, second and third grade general music classes with Mrs. Angela Evans. During my visit, I observed two second grade classes, one third grade class, and one kindergarten class. Marzolf is one of five K-3 primary schools in the Shaler school district in the suburbs of Pittsburgh that feeds into a single elementary school of fourth and fifth graders. The racial…show more content…
However, I was determined to keep an open mind on elementary school teaching because I will be certified to teach it, and thought that I could possibly end up thoroughly enjoying it if this first observation changed my mind. Classroom Environment The overall makeup of Marzolf Primary School is one of a beautiful and standard primary school. A well-crafted sculpture of a butterfly invites students into a school of tiny lockers and chairs and many positive decorations. Energizing staff greet the students and lead their lines into their classes. When I entered Mrs. Evans ' classroom, I was met with exactly what I had expected. A rainbow of colors hit me all at once, with something musical decorating every inch of the wall space and every corner of the room. Posters outlined musical instruments from the different instrumental "families;" agendas were colorfully laid out for each grade level on the board. For the third graders, there was a section of the room where cut-out paper recorders were placed, each having a different color, like karate-style "belts." The students could track their progress on the recorder based on what "belt" level they had received. All of these posters involved music or musical learning in some form, though some of them were disguised through cartoons and
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