Graduation Speech : My Writing

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Over the course of the semester, my writing has improved tremendously. I used to be very scared of writing and hated the idea of sharing my writing or thoughts with anybody. I used to never go to teachers, friends, or my parents for help because I was embarrassed of my writing and did not want them to read it. This semester I worked harder to get past this and gain more confidence in my writing. Now I have developed a solid pre-writing process that has helped me develop more organized essays and become less scared of writing. Last semester, and the beginning of this semester, I hated that I had to take a writing class. I did not like writing in high school, and I did my best to do as little as possible and still get by. The last research and formal writing I did before last semester was my sophomore year writing class. It was a joke. After that I took AP Literature, and my senior year I was a centerspread editor for the school newspaper. In AP Lit we did not have to write out of class essays. When we had to write, we did a 50 minute in class essay to help us prepare for the AP exam. Therefore, I learned how to write fast, but I did not learn how to prewrite, do research, or incorporate quotes well. I did not do a lot of writing in my newspaper class because I spent the majority of my time designing spreads and very little of my time writing quick and short online articles. I hated writing all of high school and especially hated it when I had to jump back into academic

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