Graduation Speech: Observing The Actions Of Queens College

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Observing the actions of the morning students of Queens College has a strange feeling of violating someone space. Before beginning this observation assignment, I am wondering if someone will approach me inquiring for identification or just to ask me what am I doing here. Sorry for such negative feeling but the acts of 911 has everyone on alert (for which is surely justifiable). So, to endure the possibility of having to explain my being to another person will have to do. I guess such inconveniences are small compared to what might happen if we don’t inquiry about weird behaviors.
Anyway, as I sit here and gaze upon my fellow school mates there are only a few students on campus. (This is the price I pay for waiting for the last minutes to do my assignment). I see a lot of singular individual walking, (my guess would be it’s a Wednesday and too early). The spacing between each other is the same distance (more or less), except for the exception a few in love couples and the intense cell phone texting or cell phone gamers, the distances seems to be the same. The majority of the students seems to stay on the right side of the walkway, the exception were merely the ones that were actually
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Either their cell phone, food, water, or some sort of beverage. Another observation would be that almost no one walked in the grass. Over ninety percent of the students took the paved walk-way, even when cutting through the grass would save time and effort; the path was being well utilized. Another observable fact is that no one wanted to make eye contact and when there was eye contact it was for a brief moment (this one could just merely be the fact that am a very ugly person and no one wants be caught looking at me). The last noticeable actions are the willingness to find a shaded area to converse or simple a waiting
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