Graduation Speech On Attending College And Playing Collegiate Sports

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Drew Moore
Mrs. Johnson
Sports Lit
24 February 2015
On June 10, 2015, I will be graduating and entering the real world. In the days to follow, I plan on attending college and playing collegiate sports. My first option is to attend Central Washington University, the school that my dad attended in the 1980’s; there I would major in Communications. However, if I am not offered a scholarship for baseball, and I am not able to attend, I will attend a community college for two years, and after that I will go to Central Washington University.
Section I: The Situation
After graduation, the situation that I plan on putting myself in, is living on campus at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington for four-years, and I will
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The way that this works is exactly like any other syllabus, except each grade has a zero after the normal grade, so if it was 93 for an A, it would be 930 for an A in this class. Also what I gathered from this is that, the attendance policy is completely different than in high school. It states, "no more than three absences are allowed. For each absence beyond the third, your grade will be dropped one step. For example, if you have been absent four times and have a B average, you will be assigned a B-.if you are not prepared for class, e.g. You have no rough draft on peer review day, or if you have been consistently late for class, you will be counted absent. Also if you do not bring your books on a day that it is necessary, you will be marked absent." The workload for Mrs. Browner’s English 101 class appears to be immense, but when you actually read the schedule on the syllabus, it is not a horrible amount but it is decent. The only time consuming piece of work would be all of the editing and portfolio and reflection work. Along side of this work is a good amount reading. In this class there is not a final, all you need to turn in is your portfolio and reflections, which is only worth 50 of 1000 points. Unfortunately Mrs. Browner does not have any office hours
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