Graduation Speech On My Exchange Year

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Good evening to everyone and thanks President Rob for giving me the opportunity to have this last presentation about my exchange year in Australia. One year has gone, and I can admit that many things happened but I couldn’t be happier about it. Today is my 340th day here in Australia: I came in a place without knowing anyone, without my family or my friends and I had the chance to live another life that I built with my hands. I wasn’t alone though: I had my host families that always supported me; the Elliot family as the first one, the Shirlaw’s as the second, the Mann’s as the third and the Gormely’s as the fourth and last one. They have been there for me when I needed it, even if in different ways, and because of them I grew a lot: I’m…show more content…
Secondly, you get to share your culture with another country in the world that is sharing their amazing culture as well; you get to know new amazing people that will remain your friends for your whole life. Being an exchange student means that you discover new ways of living, and because you are hosted by different families, that way changes every time: it could be a difference in what you eat, in what you do and in what you gain knowledge of; it could be the language that they use in the house, or in how many kids they have. Being an exchange student means also that you get to know many others exchange students, and the best ones, I have to say, are always the ones from the Rotary organisation. I met my group of exchange students (District 9520 and 9500) for the first time the 29th of August 2015: saying that we were is shy is nothing, but being shy with them doesn’t means that I didn’t talk to them because we talked a lot that day, we had so much to talk about: being shy with them means that we didn’t know each other at the time and is always kind of weird thinking that they are sharing my same emotions at my same time. We saw each other again during a Rotary weekend in Lameroo in October (just my district 9520), and then again in Calperum in November (but with the other district 9500 too), and then all together again in Port Lincoln
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