Graduation Speech On My Freshman Year

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My freshman year things took a turn for the worse, but these obstacles made me who I am today. On June 13th, 2012 my parents got a divorce. My dad was an alcoholic, bipolar, and abusive. While he was in rehab, my mother and I were allowed to stay in his house while we saved up for a place of our own. During the summer, I babysat and once school started I cleaned houses. However, March came and my dad graduated rehab. The house was set to foreclose in thirty days and my mom and I found an apartment, but her income alone was not enough. I withdrew from school my freshman year in March after I got my cast off (I broke my tibia tumbling February 1st) and planned to complete my courses through E2020 in the summer so I could help my immediate problem. I never knew to ask if the courses were NCAA approved. I was lead to believe they were accredited because the school was offering it. During the rest of March, April, and May I worked various odd jobs, such as cleaning and teaching tumbling/gymnastics, to help bring in income. I began the E2020 classes on campus in June 2013 and worked an evening shift at the local Sonic. When fall came, my mother got in a relationship and seemed to be happy. Our financial situation improved with him, so I enrolled in Austin for my first semester of sophomore year. Although, he became abusive. I also found out he had felony charges for molesting his own kids. Throughout their relationship, I suffered from depression, but I could not get professional

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