Graduation Speech On Parent Teacher Conference Essay

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Parent Teacher Conference On October 3 2016, I attended Parent Teacher Conferences. The first five minutes were student led with each student sharing their individual goals they achieved. Next, the cooperating teacher shared with parents their student’s i-Ready diagnostic data collected from the beginning of school. Then, we highlighted two strengths and one area of challenge that the student was experiencing. At the end parents received a skill packet for students to practice letters, numbers, and shapes. The most interesting fact I learned from conferences was the parents desire to know what students were learning in school. I enjoyed the student-led conferences and believe that they can be a powerful influence in student learning. When students have the opportunity to display simple goals they have accomplished it encourages them to become leaders of their learning. I think that the timing was too early because there was not much data to share. The one benefit to sharing baseline data is that when parents attend spring conference they will be able to see the growth progress students have made. In order to help parents receive ongoing feedback about student learning I address the learning objectives in the weekly newsletter. The newsletter shares with parents the basic concepts and skills that students learned that week in class. In addition, when I send home papers completed by students in class I write specific “I can” statement at the top along with specific feedback
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