Graduation Speech On Service Learning

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Many people value giving back as one of their highest priorities. We spent a huge portion of class dedicating our time to service learning or planning for it. Not only did we give back to a local agency, a Minnesota children’s hospital, we gave back to an international agency, Masinyusane. Giving back is important for everyone, especially college students. Service learning is a wonderful opportunity to learn various new things that can be used throughout life. These service experiences have opened my eyes to new ways I can volunteer within the community, giving me more opportunities to learn and grow from. As I learned very quickly, it was very difficult to coordinate a day that worked for all of us to volunteer together or as a group. It was no surprise that a group of 20 honors students, busy with sports, clubs, academic commitments, and other activities, had a hard time fitting anything extra into their days. Although that was tough, I don’t know what was harder: picking a day that worked for all of us or deciding on the type of service we would do. After a lot of dispute, we finally found something that worked for all of us: using our time in class to make tie blankets. Before we even began our service to the community and to Masinyusane, I learned a lot about compromise, planning, and being open minded. All of these are essential when it comes to working in a group. It is constantly drilled through our heads throughout life that these values are important, but it
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