Graduation Speech On Student Affairs

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• What did you learn this semester about student affairs in higher education, how to be a better student affairs professional, and how to be a successful graduate student? Firstly I am extremely happy that I decided to take the student affairs course at the same time as overview. Although they are very similar at times, it was helpful to build a foundational understanding of higher education in overview and then dive deeper into the field of student affairs. I was shocked to see how many roles on campus either fell under the umbrella of student affairs or worked closely with student affairs educators. One of the main, broader, ideas that I took away from this course was the need for a student affairs educator to be open and aware at all times. It is their responsibility to both create and facilitate an environment that promotes developmental and experiential learning for the students. In order to do that, their own personal views and ideas need to be cast aside and they need to lead by example.
A student affairs educator also needs to be able to balance their responsibilities of providing this learning environment while still maintaining the institutions mission and goals. A student affairs educator has the responsibility of working with students, faculty, and staff. They may sound like an easy task but after learning about the chaotic interrelations between different departments and roles at an institution I know that is no easy task. I had never thought about these
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