Graduation Speech On Student 's Progression Into University

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Assessment Topic: Student transition to University Experience of Students Progression into University: BKEY401 Professional Competences Student Name: Quynh Nguyen Student Number: W1547448 Module Leader: Evgeniya Macleod Seminar Leader: Ailu Hiew Word Count: 858 Date: 20th October 2015 In this essay I will be assessing the different areas of a student transitioning to university. I will be discussing the key issues and challenges, which students may experience within their transitions and how they will be able to deal with the difficulties they may have during their first year of university, in addition to this there are strategies and actions they can take in order for their transition to be effective. The experience students have can all vary on different students individual perspectives. This could all determine on the kind of students that will be studying at the university, firstly you have students who will be studying within their region or those who decides to move abroad to study which are known as international students. When students transition to university, there are many challenges and issues that students will encounter. Briggs, A., Clark, J, and Hall, I, (2012, p2) mentions in his article “a significant social displacement, which may be intensified where the student is mature, is the first in their family to attend university”. This indicates that students may feel pressured by their family members and having an expectation due to them being the

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