Graduation Speech On Teaching And Learning And Interactive Teaching

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I enrolled in the Certificate in the University Teaching (CUT) program in spring 2014 right after completing the FUT program in winter 2014. Through the GS901 workshops, I learned about students’ traits and attitudes toward learning and interactive teaching through active learning. With regards to course design, I learned the importance of having an organized, yet flexible, course plan that is designed in equilibrium with course objectives and assessments. Teaching observation practicum, provided me with an opportunity to assess my teaching from the perspective of an experienced educator. Below, I will discuss the elements and strategies that I have experimented with based on the comments and suggestions I received.
One of the key elements in teaching undergraduate classes is to create a learning environment that cultivates critical thinking and mastery of concepts. As an instructor, I have experienced with various active learning methods to keep my students engaged and motivated. Within the pedagogy toolbox, I found the element of discovery to be the most effective way of teaching. In my classes, before even explaining a new concept, I usually pose a question to class and ask my students to find a solution. I ask my students to work in pairs (and sometimes groups) to come up with a solution without them knowing the new concepts. The idea is to assist them to discover the new concepts by thinking out of the box and trying different approaches. During
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