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It had been a long hot summer, and I was very excited for school to begin, I even found a new backpack on the internet that I wanted to buy, although this never would happen, I was still happy that the summer was almost over. I couldn 't wait. Every day of August I had checked the mail. But one day when I saw the mail truck, I sprinted down the driveway, I would 've been hit by a car is one was there. I opened the mailbox, grabbed the mail, and ran back up, well I should say tried. I tripped over my own feet and fell. I completely forgot about the newspaper. When I finally got up the driveway, and into the house, I threw my parents’ mail on the table, and ripped open the one from GNG middle school. I unfolded the paper inside, and read. I was in Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s homeroom! My sister had her a few years ago. There was also a list of things I need for the school year. Basic things like, a pencil, pencil sharpener, blah blah blah. However, the thing that stood out most was the words “Stars n’ Stripes” my team. I grabbed the phone and called my best friend Abby. “Hello?” She asked. “I got my letter!” I exclaimed. “Me too!” “Who 's your teacher?” I asked. “Mr. Curran, you?” “Mrs. Fitzpatrick.” I said, “Stars n’ Stripes?” “Stars n’ Stripes!” She exclaimed. It was the first time we 've been in different homerooms since first grade. We were together in kindergarten, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade! And

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