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The pencil lead was wearing out fast, and I barely knew what to write down on my paper. The proctor announced, “5 minutes left! Make Sure you all check your work.” My hands began to sweat and my mind was completely silent. I could only hear the loud tick of the clock as the hands moved along every second and every minute. I scribbled down on my paper what ever came to my mind. It was a horror filled experience, and even after I finished the test, my lips were dry solid as if my saliva was completely cold and arid. I could see the dark days ahead of time as I rumored to myself, “This is one test, that I’m sure I failed.” For the past couple of months, I’ve been studying nonstop, and preparing to take the entrance test for the K-8 school, …show more content…

As I found out about the entrance application to get into TAG, my mind was clogged from the ideas of application deadlines, state test preparation, and keeping a good a good grade in all of my classes. I got all of the recommendations together and began to write the essays required for the application. I would go to websites such as and serch up synonyms for words that I felt were under my vocabulary. I would spend about 5 minutes just trying to think of a catchy line to put on my paper. I speculated that it would be the only way the TAG teachers would identify me as a good writer. It took me a long time, but I finally was able to complete the entire application. My head was spinning and I had a very serious headache. I shot down on my bed and just wanted to fall asleep. “This is not happening. I just managed to get through the application and I still have to study so much more,” I angrily cried to myself. I tried to calm myself down. I studied for days and nights. I could only hear the silence in my head and everywhere I looked, I saw papers full of questions I didn’t know how to answer. I barely had any time to sleep after studying so much, and I wasn’t able to complete all my school homework. The long haul was finally over, but the day of the test soon came dragging along. Just moments before the test, I could hear my heart pounding every second. My feet were shaking, so I had to hobble up the stairs to the testing room. I hated

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