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Hurry ‘’wake up’’ my mom said with excited 4:00 of the morning then I said yawning why then she said we are going to St. Louis! So then I was jumped out of bed and screamed and might of have woken up my baby brother. So then my mom was SHHHHHHHHHHH, and I was like…... whoops! Then I asked are my cousin’s awake and she said what do you mean then I said that you said that they were going to come to if we were going so then she called them and said yes I was so happy I yelled again and now my little sister was asking what is wrong and my little brother was crying and I said whoops again! I could not wait for the big trip! We left at 5:30 we drove back and when we were going for 4 hours when we were going there my little sister fell asleep …show more content…

Then we went to go see the red pandas then we ate snack. After that we went to this place where we could touch the animals we went to go pet the goats and feed them they were really nice and soft then we brushed their fur then we went to go see a lama but it was a good one and let us ride it and pet it instead of it spitting in our face. On our way to the Arch and on are way we stopped by the animal shelter and I wanted a dog and so then we found a puppy and he was found on the street in a box with a broken arm but by the time I bought him his arm was better so he is about 6 months. When we got to the Arch we saw horses with carriages and we could ride in the carriage but we were going to do that after we rode the arch it was AWESOME we went so high the seats we really comfortable after that we were leaving we went on the horses with carriages and it was so much fun they took us around the city! Then we were all hungry and so then we were going to go to a Mexican place but then we changed our minds the last minute when we saw Applebee’s so we all ordered and the food was really good! So we were leaving and I honestly don’t know how many hours it took to get home. But when I woke up I wasn’t home we were in a ……. Hotel so when I woke up my mom was in the shower and my dad was watching TV and I asked him what are you doing here and then he said ‘’ we were too

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