Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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When second period finally ended I was starving, I rushed out of the classroom and straight into the cafeteria. It was full of hungry teenagers, I slowly push myself through the crowd, to buy my lunch. Unlike most schools, this school seems to have a decent menu. I went to the counter and ordered myself a plate of spaghetti and coke. After I paid for my lunch I looked around the cafeteria for an empty seat. "Bethany! Over here." I heard a voice calling from a distance, I turned to see Cameron and Matt waving at me. I was hesitant on whether or not I should join them. "Oh what the heck, what can go wrong?" I thought to myself and slowly approached their table. Along the way I had to ignore some nasty glares and comments. I paced myself and eventually got to their table, "hey there Bethany!" Matt said enthusiastically. "Hi." I replied. As I sat down I heard even nastier comments about me. Maybe this wasn 't such a good idea. "So how was your first day so far?" Cameron said looking me. My mind went blank for a second. ", yea it was good so far." I lied. It has been horrible, but I can’t tell him that, it will make me seem pathetic. "Come on Nash give me a chance, I can make an awesome girlfriend." A girl with a lot of makeup and wearing really slutty clothes said as she approached our table clingy on to Nash. Nash stared at her angrily before pushing her aside. The girl stomp her feet and left crying. "Wow what a jerk," I thought to myself. "Wow dude, what up with
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