Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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I walked over to where me, and Frank sat he was picking at some tape on the desk impatiently. "Hey." I sat down, he smiled, "Hey Gee!" Frank smiled, "Can 't wait for music!" He said excitedly, I chuckled. His favorite class was music, which we had after gym. I only have three classes with Frank, but I have all my classes with Ray. He can be a bitch, but he 's a bitch who 's my best friend. "Hello class." Mr. No one gives a fuck said, me and Frank gave him that nickname after he gave us an hour speech about how smoking can kill us, and shit. Me, and Frank just wrote notes on a piece of paper, and pretended to be taking notes about the lesson he was teaching. 'So wanna skip until 5th ' Mrs. Mayy won 't give a damn? ' 'Sure ' I wrote back. The bell signalled that class was changing, me, and Frank walked to the guys bathroom, and sat in there until the bell rang again signalling classes had started. We ran down the left hallway, they didn 't have cameras there, I mean it 's not like they ever check them anyways, We walked out the door of that hallway, we sat on the bench like usual. "So wanna go to Starbucks?" Frank chuckled, I nodded quickly. "Okay lets go!" He grabbed my arm, and pulled me up, I laughed. He let go of my arm, "Ray 's probably freaking out, and Mikes is probably looking through lockers." I laughed, Frank shrugged, Frank skipped most classes almost everyday. We walked into the Starbucks, "Hey Alexis, Ashlen!" Ashlen, and Alexis waved they looked bored.
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