Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Setting my suitcase and bags next to my bed, I glanced around seeing that most of the things I kept here were where I left where I ha don 't them two months ago. summer break recently ended and class was scheduled to resume on Monday. It was my last year here at Maxwell College of Arts and I could already tell that this year was going to be stressful.

Being 21, almost 22 in September, I was ready to take on life. Ever since I was 15, I knew I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to share my music with others and be the one who spreads inspiration from one to another. However, I didn 't necessarily know how to get there.

Moving to New York was one of the most best decisions that I have ever made. Yes I did love living in the suburbs of Chicago, but being in New York was a chance for me to start over. When I found out I was accepted into Maxwell College of Arts, I packed my things and moved here. Back in Chicago, everything reminded me of them. It was my fault they they 're gone. My fault, and there 's not a day goes by where I don 't think of them.

My thoughts were suddenly cut off by my phone that was vibrating in my back Jean pocket. “Hey grandma, what’s up?”

“Hello dear, I just want to call to make sure you were safe.”

“Yes, grandma, I got here safe and sound.” I replied, giggling as i talked to my grandmother through the phone. She was overprotective, but it was one of the qualities I loved about her.

“I just need to know your safe, sweetheart. I can’t have another one…
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