Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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It was her freshman year. She walked into the school feeling more nervous and frightened than she had ever felt previously in all nine years of attending school. Quaking in her shoes, she roamed the halls, frantically searching for the right classroom, fearing a possible encounter with a senior who would more than likely karate chop her to the ground before she even had a chance to run. Every year that she could remember there was a new friend whom she had latched onto in an attempt to survive the year. Yet freshman year, as she became more acquainted with her surroundings and the occupants of the building, friends were found in people she never would have imagined. She had finally found the group of friends she knew would stay by her side her entire highschool career; or all of theirs anyway. The amount of time she had with them was long, but not nearly long enough. As the school year drew to a close, she knew the time was coming. The best friends she could have ever dreamed of were going to leave for college and leaving the junior behind. Each day, she would hear the senior class getting more and more excited for the upcoming graduation ceremony, unable to wait to be free of the daily high school . Every day her friends’ excitement grew, the more her thoughts were filled with dread. “What would I do without them?” … “Nobody else is as mature as I am” … or worse yet: “Who am I to sit with at lunch?!” For years she had been told to make her high school career count or it…
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