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When I was younger, I wasn’t sure which career I wanted to pursue after leaving school, but I was certain that it needed to be something that was hands on as my favourite subjects had always been the ones where I could use my hands, such as art, metalwork and woodwork. I remember one project I was particularly proud of was a square coffee table made from walnut that I built in my woodworking class, I was given a brief with the dimensions and left to design and build it myself. When I left school, I spent a total of four days on the dole before I found out about a City & Guilds course in hydraulics and engineering working for Dunlop Hiflex in Sittingbourne, it was part of a government run scheme to get young people into work. I didn’t have any family background in hydraulics but I wanted to learn a trade and work with my hands so I took the course in the hopes of improving my job prospects. It was originally supposed to be a 6 month course, but Dunlop Hiflex employed me after only 3 months and I started working in the warehouse where I stayed for about 6 months before progressing to the trade counter where I found myself serving customers and making up hoses. While there I was also tasked with making proactive sales calls which was a bit out of my comfort zone as I prefer to be more hands on so when I saw a position had come up to go out on the road as a mobile engineer I jumped at the chance and I’ve never looked back. I like being out and about and I wanted the experience

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