Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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I dreaded to go home. I couldn’t stand the sound of my parents voices arguing. It just didn’t seem right. The two people that I have known my whole life fighting. It just didn’t seem normal. All of these thoughts were rushing through my head just as the noisy school bus pulled up to my stop.
I did my regular routine when I got home from school. The usual unpack my lunch and go upstairs to complete my pile of homework. I always had lots of homework that usually took most of the night to finish. Starting with math, I opened up my book and tried to read the problems but I just couldn’t. There was too much noise going on downstairs. Dad was home. This has been going on for at least two weeks and I don’t know how much longer I could listen to them bickering. Every night I have been getting less and less sleep. I was now down to four hours a night because the ringing in my head wouldn’t stop. I try not to bother my parents anymore but lately dad has been sleeping on the couch. One night my little brother crawled up next to me and had to sleep in my bed because he said that he was scared. I knew that this could not happen much longer. I finally zoned back into the present hearing the bickering dying down. I checked my clock and in bright read letters it read 5:30. Dinner time.
“Kids, time to come downstairs for dinner,” my mother said in a soft voice.
I made my way downstairs slowly, unsure of why my mother’s voice was so soft. My father was already at the…

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