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Good afternoon young people. I guess I could say that I am honored to have the privilege to speak to you today. Although 35 years have passed since I was freed from this place, and the school has had forty graduating classes since it started imprisoning students in 2010, I suppose I must be the only one left that must call this place my “alma mauter” and I suppose it was only fitting for them to ask me to do this and take advantage of me some more. Perhaps all of the other alumni are in jail, died in the zombie apocalypse a while back, or have been wiped off the face of the earth somehow, I don’t know, I couldn’t possibly care any less about those that I went to high school with and that are there after me. Graduation was one of the better days of my young life. If you haven’t figured it out, I was not a fan of high school. They couldn’t pay or beg me enough to teach at any high school here in the county, hence why I am teaching at the middle school level, as my middle school days were sadly, the best days of school I ever had. I was miserable all three of the years that I spent here, the fourth where I left classes here to pursue community college instead as even that was better than here, not by much though. After leaving high school, I did my two years at community college and received my Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and Education, then started my career.
You don’t know what that is? Chances are you probably don’t know much about agriculture

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