Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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“Take a deep breath, walk out in front of that gymnasium full of kids, and show them who you really are.” I assured myself. Believe it or not, you can make a difference. Even the most invisible people have a voice as loud as a lion’s roar. All you have to do is take that first step and believe in yourself. It was the second month of my junior year when I decided that I wanted to make a difference. I had always been the blackbird in a school full of robins, but I was never alone. There were plenty of us outcasts wandering the hallways, shuffling our feet, just trying to make it through another day without being noticed. However, we stayed in the shadows, trying to remain hidden, even from our own kind. I remember sitting with only one person at lunch for three years, never reaching out to anyone, and never being drawn in by anyone. One chilly day in October, I glanced around the cafeteria noticing the numerous tables taken up by one or two people each. This was when it hit me how alone they must feel; I felt alone and they were just like me. I went home that night, took out a notebook, and began writing everything that I wished I had the nerve to stand up and say to everyone. To tell them that they’re not alone, to tell them that they would always have a place where they belong, to tell them to stop being afraid to show themselves, and to tell them that even though they may think they’re a nobody, they do have a voice. I had finally written out everything after five pages,
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