Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Day one of sixth grade, there I was excited yet nervous, very nervous. I had no idea what was instore, no one I knew previously was going to Jefferson with me. I was sitting in Mr. Bausch 's language arts class. For our first assignment we had to make a cereal box about our selves. Once we were finished we had to present in front of the class. Once my name was called I went up and stood in front of the class. My legs were shaking and my heart was pumping. I speed right through it and hurried back to my seat I was so proud of my self. Now in eighth grade, we had to present a motivation speech, I got up and confidently presented it to the class. I have changed a lot over a course of three years looking back I am absolutely amazed. I love…show more content…
At the beginning of sixth grade I wasn 't sure if I wanted to continue doing band, but I did it anyway and I am very happy I did. The band teacher, Mrs. Wirtanen, was one of my favorite middle school teachers. She was really kind and very relatable to the students. Both my sixth and eighth grade year I was first chair for clarinet. In seventh grade I was beat by a current eighth grader. Band made my middle school experience a little more smoothly. Sixth grade was my least favorite year here at Jefferson but that doesn 't mean I didn 't have some good memories. One of my favorite memories from sixth grade was a day in math class. Timothy Gronau was sitting on the corner of a table when suddenly, SNAP! The table 's leg broke and Tim went tumbling down. We all were laughing for the rest of the day. Another favorite memory from sixth grade was making cookies on Valentines day. Some people frosted cookies in the small lunchroom while others went and distributed them around the school. I was one of the distributors, and running around the school with dozens of cookies in your hand is a lot more fun than you think. Seventh grade, to me, was the my favorite year at Jefferson by far. What made seventh grade so fun was the teachers. Every teacher I had made the class fun. I had Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Pregler and in that class I think I learned and maintained almost everything in her class. She also taught Social Studies, which for a lot of kids this is
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