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“Wake up,it’s time to go to Tennessee!” my mama exclaimed.I couldn’t believe that this day had come.It felt like I had waited forever for this much needed vacation from the hectic schedule of school. ”I need to make sure I have everything.” I yelled.My brother was going,along with some of the church youth group.I was so excited that I could barely think straight.We were gone from September 4-6,which was Labor Day weekend.The reason we were going to Tennessee was to white-water raft.When we got to church,everybody was waiting outside of the van we were taking.We put our bags in the pastor’s truck and got in the van.Our journey had already began. We drove for what seemed like forever until we were in Macon and stopped to eat.”Finally” I…show more content…
ig.We headed out at about 10 and drove to Wal-mart because some people forgot towels and other things.We stopped and ate and drove to the river.I was so scared because I was thinking of all the possible things that could happen,like falling out of the boat and drowning.When we got to the river,I forgot about all the negative thoughts about what could happen.The place was so beautiful.I thought to myself that I could build my house there.The mountains there were so huge that you could see them from very far away.”I would love to hike up those.” I awed in wonder.We took a bus down there and were split in groups of 6.We learned some basic things,like how to row forward and backward and what to do if someone fell out of the raft.Then,we had to carry our raft down a steep slope into the water.The water felt like pure ice in our shoes and I started to shiver because of it.We were off to steering and avoiding the boulders along the way.There were basically only three things I saw: trees,riverbanks,and mountains.It was so peaceful and quiet.I felt like I could stay there forever.It would only make me feel bummed out to have to leave and change.After we all changed,we drove for three hours to get to Gainsville and stay at another hotel.But first,as usual,we were all hungry.We stopped and ate at this amazing pizza restaurant called the Mellow Mushroom.We then checked into our hotel and went up to our rooms.I believe I had room 320.The room was very nice,with what looked like

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