Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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This was the first week of school and I completed this thesis quite hurriedly. I was NOT prepared for the amount of summer reading (AP History, English, and Sacraments), so I ended up spending most of the first week in a zombified state of sleepwalking from class to class. I was taken aback when I accidentally submitted two versions of the assignment to Poll EV and both were voted to the top of our class. I hadn’t much time for proofreading and I barely remembered what happened in the novel at that point due to the fact that I was going on about half an hour of sleep.
As for the actual thesis, I look back on it fondly. It isn’t my best piece of writing by any means, but I often refer to the standards you set for us as a guide: original, succinct, intriguing, and argumentative. Learning to focus on the thesis so early on in the semester made subsequent assignments much easier. I knew where to start, therefore the tasks became less daunting.

Now this one was fairly abstract for an English class. In my academic career I’ve never had to work with comic strips or imagery in such a way. The deliberation process was immediate: I had to use images from the internet because my personal artistry wouldn’t do it justice. My passion is filmmaking (this will come up later), so I tried to make the comic as cinematic as possible with lighting, mood, and visual metaphors. I put a lot more work into the writing section than I probably needed to because I wanted to make sure the subtleties…
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