Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Today is just another normal day in seventh grade. I get to my Christian school, open my locker, and find all my stuff has been removed. There is a bright green post-it note that says “Get a life, loser...And if you want your stuff back, have a fun time looking for it,” I turn around when I hear snickering that sounds all too familiar.
“Ha, ha, HA! There she is, the queen of the losers, Quinn! Wait, reality check, WHO NAMES THEIR KID QUINN!” Another burst of laughter. I ball my fists and say:
“Where’s my stuff, Amber,”
“Like I’d tell you!” The posse of “Popular” kids that follow Amber like dogs sashay away, leaving me in the dust.
When my classes start, I have to attempt to explain how I misplaced ALL of my stuff. My teacher, Mr.
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The next day my stuff is in my locker along with another green post-it note. “You were a mistake. A big, ugly mistake.” I crumple it up and stuff my backpack into my locker.
“Hey,” A familiar voice says. I turn around to see Stacey, a “Popular” kid who is apparently Amber’s best friend.
“Umm hi,” I say scared she’s going to hurt me.
“I heard about yesterday, Amber is such a mean person.” Amber is such a mean person! Finally, someone who understands! I think excitedly. Wait… Something occurred to me.
“Are you tricking me?”
“No,” Stacey replied. For some reason I knew I could trust her. “Listen,” she says, now whispering, “I have some dirt on Amber, like really bad stuff. We should totally tell everyone all her secrets,” Suddenly a huge knot forms is my stomach.
“I have to go,” I say running away.
That night, when I was going to bed, I get a text from an unknown number. The text said: “Amber really doesn’t have any friends. She knows it, but doesn’t like to admit it. And she bullies people because she thinks so lowly of herself. I’m one-hundred percent serious when I say she treats herself like dirt.” Amber? No friends. Everyone just pretends to be friends with her. And her royal highness doesn’t think she’s good enough? I think, shocked. Another text appears on my phone, it said: “BTW this is Stacey.” Then another text: “I think we
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