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I had been eagerly been anticipating this day ever since . The sun was beaming. A nice breeze was flowing. It was a good summer day. There was something different though. The second I came home from the bus, I flopped onto my bed and my eyelids instantly slid. It felt as if I had just rolled up a ball of all my stress and kicked it aside. I had just finished a laborious grade 8 and an exceedingly stressful last week of final exams. I couldn’t help but succumb to after countless days of sleeping late due to studying and homework. Unfortunately, I woke up to my parents calling me to dinner. Little did I know that this was my call to adventure. Dinner was as normal as could ever be. We ate food, talked a bit about school and work. It was after dinner when the ball of stress rolled back. My dad took me upstairs to my room for “a little talk”. I had no idea what the conversation was going to be about. My dad started off by telling me how great of a year it was for me at school and was praising me for getting Distinction. I was still confused at what point he was try to come across. That confusion though, only lasted for a mere second. My dad straightforwardly told me why he wanted to talk. My 4 year old brother would normally be babysat by my grandma when I have my summer vacation. This year though, my grandma was at my aunt’s house taking care of a 10 month old baby boy. At that moment I resentfully realized that I would have to babysit my brother every single weekday until

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