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Back in the 8th grade, I remember coming home from school hearing the loud yelling behind the closed doors of the master bedroom. At that time shouting and yelling was quite common in the household, especially during the late night. Going to sleep, knowing your parents might get divorced soon, didn’t make my life easier. Without all the commotions, the house felt deserted. It was very quiet, my brother and sister were away studying abroad in London and Sydney respectively getting their undergraduate degree. Having two people, whom I always look up to for guidance and inspiration, across the world didn’t help my situation. I could tell that my parents missed them very much, the only time you would see both my parents smiling together is when they were on the phone with either one of my siblings. My best friend told me to find a ‘game changer’, a method of escaping all negative emotions by engaging in an activity that would bring one complete peace and solace. For him, it was the guitar and alternative rock music. Although playing video games with my headphones on in my empty bedroom did temporarily help me get rid of my anxiety, it was no game changer. By that time in my social circle, I thought of how all of them were so lucky to have found their game changers. It’s not that I have not tried, just that I have not found it yet. When I was younger I did put lots of effort into many activities but none of them seemed to grasp my attention. Some of them, among others, which

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