Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Every morning I would wake up to hearing my mother cleaning up around the house and the smell of breakfast in the air. This morning in particular I heard nothing at all which I found very strange. I got up and checked on my little sister and I turn on the television like I usually do, but this time I didn’t. My mother would always come on our end of the house and see if we were up, but nothing not even a good morning. This is when I knew something was wrong, I had to face to music and see what I feared the most. Let’s rewind for a second, we’re going back to three days prior to this horrible event. On July 21st, I introduced my boyfriend to my mother and I admit it was kind of strange because I was only sixteen at the time. I was quite surprised how calm she was about it, her smile graced our presence. She approved and that this was beginning of something special, so I thought anyway. As we got ready to leave and head home, we had a talk about school shopping and getting a special reward if I kept my grades up. I was going to be a sophomore that year, so I was already frantic about a new year, she always reassured me that everything was going to be okay. My mother was also taking online classes so I would help her with her math homework from time to time and that was actually our bonding time too. I must admit I was indeed a mommy’s girl. Which leaves me thinking. Why didn 't I see this coming? How was I supposed to cope with such a loss? What will I do next? But wait I…
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