Graduation Speech Over College Education Essay

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Over the years, there has been a great deal of debate over college education and it’s worth to society and the students who is currently contemplating where they should go or not. In addition, the question of cost, and just how expensive college has become over the last decade has come to attention. It is clear that Americans and important figureheads have argued over whether the benefits of attending college outweigh the benefits of just high school diploma or another type of post-secondary schooling. There are many valid proposed arguments for and against college education that enlighten Americans and cause them to ask questions such as “Do I need college to be successful in life?” But the results, are very mixed. In today’s society, we see both those who are successful in their field and life in general due to the career their college education got them, or those successful with just a high school degree or post-secondary schooling such as a trade school. It can be very hard to differentiate the benefits associated with college education versus not having it. Many people may ask, why is this topic important? Why should I care? These are great questions to ask and sure enough the answers will be discussed more thoroughly later. The answer though is relatively simple. The benefit of having a college degree far outweigh the benefits of not having one. With the way our economy is rapidly growing, it is important to note how more and more jobs are starting to require some form

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