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I am extremely proud to be given the opportunity to address you all during this wonderful and momentous celebration. Each and every one of you deserves the greatest congratulations. You have paid a price to be here; put sweat, frustration, anger, effort, tears, blood and now triumph into your years at Napier High School. You all should be incredibly proud of yourselves. You know that you make your life whatever you want. And what you put in, you get out. Like the cross country girls' motto: "Where you find success you find sacrifice," if you give, you shall receive. But don't expect results right away. Some things take time. And don't expect your goals to come easily. Life is filled with adversity; expect obstacles at every corner. Why?…show more content…
When you see an athlete churning towards the finish line on the brink of muscular collapse and you marvel from the sideline at how she's able to will her legs to move when you can see willpower is all she has left, that's when you know the meaning of determination. When your coach, in front of the whole track team, tells you that you will never run on a varsity 4 x 400 meter relay team. Then to make that a goal and run, not only on a varsity 4 x 400, but also on one of the school record 4 x 400 teams. It wasn't talent, it was determination, which teaches an important lesson: You should never let anyone, including you, put limits on yourself. Likewise, determination not only happens in athletics, it happens in the classroom too. Whether it's spending hours in band practice or tinkering for days trying to make your electric motor for physics to work, determination is universal. And if you think about it, would you really be as proud of your accomplishments if you hadn't been faced with challenges along the way? Tonight we are gathered here on the threshold of a new chapter in our lives. We should be very proud of ourselves. After all, this day has been 13 years in the making. Thirteen years! Where did they all go? Suddenly it seems like everything is happening so fast - or maybe not. Maybe you've had senioritis since you were old enough to comprehend its meaning? Well, in that case, I'll get on with it. I'd like to give a special thanks to my

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