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We all have had many stones read to us, and even read many ourselves. In elementary school they were stories of Lad, Jane and Spot. Each of us beamed with pride as we stumbled over that first line of "See Lad go," or "Run Jane run." Then, in junior high we learned about plot and theme, and the characters of the stories actually developed personalities. Now, as graduating seniors, many of us have learned that stories can teach us valuable lessons about life. Even the simple stories from elementary school contain lessons that we can relate to our own experiences. One story in particular that just happens to be from my favorite producer, Disney, and emphasizes the importance of friendship is "The Fox and The Hound." As this story …show more content…
We assume they will always be there, but in life, change is inevitable. Each of us has had the painful experience of separating from a close friend, whether it is from physically moving away, or just growing apart as each of us develop our own interests. Growing apart from friends is never easy, but as each of us follow our own paths in life we will meet many new people along the way. As we leave high school behind, those people that we have become accustomed to seeing and interacting with on a daily basis will not be there every day. Some will be life-long friends, but others we will lose contact with. We must never forget all they have taught us and the support they have provided. To compensate for those that we are leaving behind we must find new individuals who will continue to encourage us to grow much like the relationship between Tod and Copper.

"Hey there, Copper, what are you sniffin' at?"

"I don't know, Chief. Something I never smelled before. I want to find out what that smell is."

Many times our own curiosity has led us to discover the answers we have been seeking, but we can't take all the credit for our education. We have all had the strong support of teachers, parents, and friends who have contributed to the cultivation of our young minds. Our teachers who lovingly assigned endless hours of study and homework, our parents who delegated countless chores to us for our own good, and our

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