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A wise person once said something to this effect: "Quotes are just another way of masking one's true feelings." I'd tell you the person who wrote it, but I can barely even remember it word for word. It's funny I crossed paths with this quote just days before I was informed I would be speaking at commencement. Someone or something, maybe a higher power, meant for this quote and I to meet. The irony of the whole situation is that the author's quote was turned into a quote, which is most likely the opposite of their intentions.

My reasoning for bringing up this situation is simple. When first given the task of writing this speech, I was at a loss for ideas. Mr. Troll told me to begin with a quote or say something profound - a task that
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With my freshmen-like rough and tough mentality I thought, "Oh no! There's no way in heck they're going to touch me." With my guard half up, I walked into the doors of Terrace only to be greeted by strangers and smiling faces. What a joy it was arriving to school at six in the morning with a bunch of peppy people jumping for no apparent reason. Looking back, I now realize the ones I once considered strangers were really friends. They were not out to tape me or any of my fellow peers to poles or to make us miserable. They were there to welcome me and start my high school experience off with a bang. Upon realizing this, all rumors I had previously heard were erased. If all one thinks about is how someone can negatively impact their day, how can they look forward to having a good day?

What I am really trying to say is that life at Terrace is nothing like I thought it would be. I expected the worst, but instead, I got the best. Well, not all the time, but we'll get into that a little later. As I was saying, I met some of my best friends here at our soon-to-be alma mater. They were not always there when I needed them, but they were always on time. Right now, I'm sure my grandma is in the stands smiling because I took a biblical reference and inserted my own words. So sue me - I kind of used somebody else's words, but not really. As I was saying, friends are the cornerstones of life. Think of all the

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