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As I look back upon the past four years, in some ways it seems like my time at Kiper has been a lot like a day at the Magic Kingdom. From the moment I heard about Disneyland, I knew that I wanted to go. I counted the days until I got there, much the way that I counted the days until I left Harbour Pointe to migrate over to Kiper. Time passed so slowly because I was anticipating the great times ahead. At the end of middle school, my classmates and I thought we were so cool because we got to make that trip to someplace fun and exciting. On the first day of high school, we got up early like eager kids ready for a day of play. At Disneyland, people line up early to get their tickets and begin their enchanted day. As freshmen, we lined…show more content…
We made our way through the group, trying to slide into class without being trampled or being shoved into lockers. As with any theme park, it can become very tedious. More than half of the time is spent on boring things: waiting in line, being near people that you don't want to deal with and rides breaking down. Here at Kiper, a lot of time is spent on boring things such as homework, lectures, taking tests on material that you swore you knew but just can't seem to remember and learning to coexist with people who are just plain annoying. The food situation is alike as well. The lines are extremely long, the food isn't very healthy and the noise is ear-splitting. Not to mention that there are never quite enough tables to go around. All around the park, attendants are present. You know who I'm talking about: the people who wear a different type of clothing whose job is to monitor your movements. Those attendants are like the staff at our school There are those teachers who you feel comfortable around: Levine, Sawyer, Schwenn, Tobin and Jones to name a few. Those are the attendants whose queue lines are the longest. There are others whose reputation precedes them, but whose advice is golden even if they are scary, like Russell, Ogelsby, Reichenback and Bowker. Everyone may moan and groan at this time about how tragic it is to have a certain teacher, but I can't think of a single student who didn't emerge stronger because of their experience. Then

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