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I agonized over writing this speech for a long time, because I felt like nothing I could say would make a difference, first because I don't know if what I could say would be good advice, and second because I don't know if advice about things like being true to yourself and setting goals and all that is actually helpful. How can I give advice that I can't even follow in my own life? And even if you are mesmerized for my two minutes, you would walk out of here and your life wouldn't be any different. Or maybe you'd be inspired for a day, and then forget. But still, the speech had to be written.

In my writing process, I would talk to various people, who were all very encouraging, and get all excited about a new speech and brainstorm a lot
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And I got more and more anxious as deadlines approached, and on the last night I could, I sat in front of my computer at 11:09, only wanting to go to sleep, trying to come up with my speech, feeling completely futile because it is a waste of time for me to get up and say anything if it is not important. It's boring for you and it's just dumb for me, so I was sitting here crying, because even though I had nothing to say I felt like I needed to say something because I am valedictorian and I should speak.

And then I decided that maybe I just shouldn't talk. I should be the valedictorian who doesn't speak. I mean, what's the point of speaking when there is no point? And then my tears slowed, and I thought, I could never respect myself for that. That is letting the fear and futility get the best of me. Because if I can't make some statement in my life, then my whole life is meaningless and there is truly no point in being here.

Even though I don't know what the point is, on some level I believe there is a point to existence, otherwise we wouldn't exist, and so even when everything seems futile and stupid, maybe the best we can do is to have the courage to make a statement. To not back down and let the questions and confusion rule our lives. To pursue those questions and confusions until they lead us to an answer we can deal with. For this I greatly admire Lexi, Camille, and Carlene. Even when it doesn't seem like anything

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