Graduation Speech Essay

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I. Achievement Goals/Hard Work

Here we are high school graduates. For many of you, tonight is a dream come true. Yet I think graduation is the attainment of a goal. A goal requires hard work. It drives people to better themselves on a daily basis. A dream, however, demands no work, no dedication, and no discipline. It is simply a faint hope. It is when a person turns their dream into a reality that things really start to happen.

Goals have to be defined. You need to find something you want and be willing to work for it. Goals should be both short term and long term. Short-term goals can be easily attainable steps on the path to larger goals. It can be something as simple as making it to class the next day or as difficult as not
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Enjoy each new opportunity, cherish every moment, and appreciate every day you have. Often time's life throws curveballs that you don't anticipate. It is how you handle these obstacles that defines who you become. All of us have dealt with difficulties that change the course of our lives. Last summer, many people, including myself, lost a best friend. Mark Hilde didn't know that it would be his time, but he made the most out of his time here. In every situation he found a way to smile. From this, I learned that we cannot control the end - the "ultimate" end, but we can choose the path and the way that we get there.

III. Appreciate the People

Along this path there are a number of people that we encounter. They are there to share in both the good times and the bad. It is amazing how we can go through our daily routine - every day of our lives - and not notice those around us. Every single one of us have had our parents get on us about coming home late, a teacher on our back about getting an assignment in on time, or our best friend telling us to do the right thing. At the time we don't always realize the importance of these people. But these are the people who really care-the ones who are there when the times are rough. On behalf of the other graduates and myself I want to thank the teachers for pushing us, even though it didn't always seem to be the right things in our eyes. Look around at each other, notice who's here, these are the friends

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