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The first day of kindergarten, we clung to our parents afraid of the new experiences that awaited us. We looked around at all of the other faces not sure what to think. Fear and doubt crippled us. Little did we know that this day was the beginning of a journey stock full of obstacles and rewards.

Kindergarten was a breeze. We learned the ABCs, made friends, and finally counted to one hundred. Then we went into elementary. We saw new students join our classes throughout these long but short elementary years. Teachers could see boys and girls running away from each other screaming, "Ew, you got cooties!" Life was a breeze all the way through to middle school.

We came into middle school with no idea what to be prepared for. None the
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We became involved in sports, the opposite sex, and looking the best that we could. Finally eighth grade reached us. We graduated from eighth grade and enjoyed our summer thinking about becoming a freshman in high school. When September rolled around, butterflies hit.

Once again we were the youngest, but it wasn't so bad. We made new friends and lost old friends. We challenged ourselves with difficult classes and took easy classes. Throughout high school we looked forward to this day. The day that our journey would end. We have overcome all the obstacles and received all the rewards for doing our best. Tonight we receive the ultimate reward, our diplomas.

There is no way we could have accomplished this great feat alone. A great part of our success was given to us by our teachers. They taught us new information. They taught us to respect people and things that we would never have respected otherwise. Our thank you's and appreciation should be given to those teachers who understood us and helped us defeat our obstacles when we had to face them. We owe our success to teachers for helping us through the end of this difficult journey. Thank you to all of our teachers.

We must also thank and appreciate our parents. The two people who forced you to go to school no matter how much you whined and complained about having to go. They were the two people who seemed like the most unfair people in the world. When we were young, our parents

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