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If I was asked to describe the attitude of the common high school student with one word, I would choose the word "why." We seem to be constantly questioning everything that appears out of the ordinary, anything that departs from the routine which has been established for us. We seem to be intolerant of anything that our MTV culture has declared "uncool." As we graduate from Washington High School, we must stop asking "why" and start asking "why not." We should be open to anything as we venture into what society has labeled "the real world." No longer should we limit ourselves to the same environment and small group of people we have grown accustomed to. In turn, we should no longer limit ourselves to the same view of the world.

Life is
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If we fail to gain these new experiences, we are merely cheating ourselves, and the world around us.

Throughout high school, the majority of us have kept the same limited group of friends. We assumed that our immediate company was best suited for us and did not attempt to meet new people. We have always been asking, "why should we meet new people?", as we remain complacent with our current acquaintances. Why not attempt to find others who share your beliefs, enjoy the same hobbies, and laugh at the same jokes as you? If you never take the time to meet these new and interesting people, you very well may miss the opportunity to meet someone who will change your life. We should also take the time to understand people whom we have labeled as different and attempt to see the world from their eyes. As we go our separate ways next year, most of us will actually be forced to say "why not" and experience the company of new individuals. The more variety we include in the make up of our companions, the wider our view of the world will become.

As we begin our trek into this "real world," we should take time to travel beyond this merely rhetorical "why", and truly experience the "why not." We should make it a goal to experience something new everyday. Experience something that frightens you, something that you were told you could never

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