Graduation Speech: Pepper Spray Student

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Alright ladies, we have all been in that position where we needed something and when we go to dig through our purse to find it, it's not there, or you never had it with you in the first place. In high school all that I needed was extra pens, quarters for the snack machine, and Stride gum. You know the "necessities", but now that I am in my final year of college, work two jobs, and still manage to post on BNC somewhat regulatory (I use that term loosely) I needed to upgrade my cross body to something a little more practical. and by practical I mean something that can hold a baby elephant. :)


I am that type of person that will forget absolutely everything. From doctor's appointments, work schedule, and pretty much everything that
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There are games, a plethora of social media, and so much more. With all of this accessibility and usage my phone dies constantly. It is always a good idea to have your charger or a battery pack on you just in case you need to charge your phone on the go.


This is probably a no brainier but it is a smart idea to have all of your identification, money, and change in one compartment than just floating around aimlessly in your purse.

Pepper Spray

I started carrying pepper spray when I started college. All of a sudden I was an adult and I was working late nights and walking through empty parking lots and I have watched so many crime series' where this ended bad for the girl. Which is why I started carrying it. It is a good idea with what is going on in the world to have some sort of protection.

First Aid Kit

This might sound a little ridiculous but you have no idea how many times that mine has came in handy. You can find a small one from Walmart or online. The one that I have has band aids, Tylenol, alcohol swabs and a lot of other things and the bag is smaller than my iPhone!

I hope that you love this post and be sure to check back for me. I post on Monday, Wednesday, and
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