Graduation Speech : Residence Hall

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While Residence Halls serve to house students at PSU, they can also be a site to promote academic success. Living on campus creates a convenient lifestyle that makes the difficult process of completing one’s higher education much easier; as a result, Residence Halls can provide a satisfying college experience to it’s students. Furthermore, living on campus offers each student the emotional, social and academic support to achieve student goals. A good residence hall provides helpful resources that encourage academic prosperity. Residence Hall living can also provide a community to those living within the dorm. In my experience, the Residence Hall resources located in Ondine have encouraged my academic and personal growth. The University Success floor in Ondine has provided me with free printing, scanning, snacks and a quiet study space. I often use the floor to do my assignments for class because I can not focus within my room. Unfortunately, I have noticed that most students either do not know about this resource or do not know how to take full advantage of these resources.
For most first year students, there is a struggle to find a balance between prioritizing academics and exploring their independence. Being in a new environment can also induce stress because the student feels completely foreign within their surroundings. Without parents or the security of one’s home, students can feel alone and isolate themselves. This drastic transition of leaving home can often feel
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