Graduation Speech : Returning At School

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Returning to School Returning to school, whether it is in a traditional classroom, or online is a great place to begin my story. We all know that acquiring an education can be a scary experience, especially if you are approaching 50 years old. Therefore, when I made the decision to return to school, I knew it might be the hardest decision that I would ever make. Even if school proves to be challenging, it is because I lacked many key technology skills, or school could offer new opportunities to help me improve these skills. This meant I needed to face my fears, so that I could realize my dreams. I dreamed about that place, about what campus life might be like, and whether it was too late for me to consider the notion. I could see the campus with its buzz of activities, I could smell the recently popped popcorn, and I could picture myself surrounded by a swarm of students trying to make it to their next class. I wanted these memories so I could share them with my grandchildren to remind them that no matter their age, it is never too late to give up on a dream. What I did not realize was that by returning to school, I would gain so much confidence. I began my first semester in the summer of 2012, in this place, by taking three online classes. I soon discovered I lacked a few key functional technology skills many other students take for granted. I struggled with basic computing skills, understanding and completing assignments timely and correctly. Additionally, I had not…
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