Graduation Speech : School And Beyond

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Do not assume all we 'll do for this class is help get kids motivated with school and beyond. This line of thinking is the wrong idea to enter this class especially when working with younger students through compass to campus. My thinking was how I can make this class more effective for me and how I can make the experience better for the students I will be working with. I was worrying about this every day in the beginning of this adventure because the school system and living condition on the reservation makes life hard for students making education difficult to be absorbed due to the essential commodities not available to the students at Lummi. The students struggle in the classroom due to their ethnic location makes their lives harder…show more content…
When they innocently make fun of my name it made me feel accepted not annoyed, I would playfully respond with "He can 't come today he 's in trouble" all the kids would giggle with amazement. After making sure I was punctual each day when going to the schools I was learning something else when continuing mentorship. What I learned was Thoughtful/Responsive Listening a feature that presented itself as something the kids desperately needed. When I interact with them I do my best not to introduce new things but to use language they are familiar with to show I am learning from them. I was assuring I stop potential drawbacks such as; “language/cultural barriers, developmental, and students who display slow or no progress” I always recognized these actions and did anything to turn them around for the better of the student, learning from each student individually. Individually each kid at Lummi love being themselves and are never shy to anyone or anything. One thing that affects it as an issue is their outside life. I never could relate with life on the reservation, I can only just respect it and do my best to support the kids. I learned to provide a positive climate/attitude when sitting in the classroom with the kids. A student I connected with was James, he
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