Graduation Speech : School District

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I’ve faced a lot of obstacles in school. But the two major obstacles that seem to always stand out to me was not having teachers who really cared about their students and how each school district has different curriculum. Falling behind and not knowing the curriculum wasn’t a good thing and it led up to some serious consequences for me. In order for me to overcome these obstacles I had to set some goals. Which were attend tutorials and play catch up with my academics. Beginning my education in the Houston Independent School District then transferring to the Aldine independent school district showed to be dramatic difference. Elementary school in the Houston Independent School District set me up to learn the basics of education and with completion of elementary schooling , the transition into the Aldine Independent school district began for the remaining portion of my education. My mother noticed that I was behind in the curriculum due to my struggling grades and felt it would be best to hold me back in order for me to play catch up within the curriculum so it would not affect me in the long run. What we came to realize was that I was far behind than we had expected, it took me some to catch up, but definitely paid off in the end, and I saw a drastic improvement within my grades. When I began my final stretch in High School I took notice of how teachers seemed to not really care about the student and the district set the requirement plan expectations low. It seemed as if it
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