Graduation Speech : School Dress Codes

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Dear American Education System, School dress codes. The very thing students hate dealing with at school, but yet it is the most enforced school policies. Everyone has a very solid idea about what students should and should not be aloud to wear to school. They have opinions on what is too short, what is too long, what is too tight, and what is too loose. A student could be sent home for breaking the dress code in turn missing out on important lessons and information they need to know in order to succeed. Unfortunately the focus is more on what students are wearing instead of how to improve education and help them succeed in the future. There are very specific rules on what females in particular can and cannot wear. For example, “Shorts must reach ⅔ of the way from the top of the hip bone to the center of the knee.” Does that mean students are only allowed to wear shorts that are long? Long shorts sound like an oxymoron. They should just say students should only be allowed to wear pants. Pants keep students from being distracted by knees and calves and more focused on their assignments. “Tops should have a minimum of 3 inch wide straps on the shoulder.” The administration is very smart to not allow students to show their shoulders because it could get out of hand quickly. Students might get the wrong ideas from one another if their shoulders are exposed. If females came to school with even a hint of exposed shoulders it could make male students think inappropriate thoughts
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