Graduation Speech : School High School

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Thomas Edison Junior High School

Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Ideas, Millions of Light Bulbs

Hayes glanced at the poster of the newly opened school. The school had been closed all summer to make way for new renovations to the classrooms in order to make them more technologically advanced for the newcomers. There were some buildings that were still under construction, but most of the main buildings had been finished to reopen to the students.

Celene and Hayes quickly made their way to the auditorium where the principal gathered everyone to hear his brief announcement. Upon entering, they saw that the auditorium was packed with both familiar faces as well as new ones. Celene notices a group of her old friends and parted ways with Hayes. Hayes, now alone, looks to the stage where a tall, old man begins to make his way to the microphone. The entire auditorium now grew quiet to listen to the man.

“Welcome back everyone! I trust that everyone had a good if not productive summer break,” the principal began, “Now, before I release you all to find your homeroom, there are a few rules. First, the two buildings next to the P.E. field is off limits as those buildings are still under construction…”

A couple of minute into his speech, the principal noticed that the students and even some of the faculty members are growing restless. He complies with the people’s wishes and concluded with these final words, “Have a wonderful school year.” And with that, he released everyone to their…

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